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About me: Hmmm, well, I'm almost 32, married, and have a wonderful son, Benjamin! I grew up mostly in Illinois, namely Champaign, Bolingbrook, and Naperville (near Chicago). After high school, I joined the Air Force and served my country. I moved to the Ohio Valley after my tour of duty and started my career and family.

By trade, I enjoy working with computers, mostly programming and working with a variety of applications. I also enjoy fictional writing as well, in fact, I'm working on my first "Fan Fiction Novel" (which, I'll probably be posting here and on fanfiction.net!

My interests indicate that I LOVE anime / manga. Yup, I like it so much, that I've dedicated part of my free time to the study of Japanese, the language and their culture. I find it most interesting. My favorite character of all time is Skuld (As indicated by my profile picture), and (call me crazy), I've got a tattoo of her on my right arm, pink and all ;)