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A new RPG: Anime Central! 
16th-Aug-2009 08:50 pm
 Well, things I think are finally swinging upwards!

To start with, I've completely redid my anime site.  Hopefully, it's more colorful, but not too obnoxious.  I'm going for a fun, optimistic spirit.  I've also redefined the site's goal.  It's a lot more "school-ish", which makes sence, since A LOT of anime (that I've seen) seems to be centered around a school theme.

Going with that theme, I've started a new role playing game (RPG), where we live the lives of our favorite anime characters and go behind the scenes to experiance everything they go through in a typical day.  The setting is based in a speical school that teaches their students everything they would need to know to suceeed in anime.  Everything from Math and Science to Cooking to Mecha Design and Space Flight is taught.

The characters are built specifically out of character, so we can have fun with how they might live "off the camera".  Every little flaw in their character has been exagerated, and I think this will give us a good vehicle to explore our characters.  The game is built to explore character growth in the students, however, players don't necessarily have to play that way.  Instead, they can be involved as Faculty members.  Those that teach and inspire the students to be the best they can be.  Faculty members are designed to be more in character than students are, but we should still see some interesting times in the game as they 'inspire'.

The game isn't only about what goes on in the classroom, no, we're going to also go backstage duing mock episodes of the anime where the characters come from, and see what kind of shinaigons go on while acting.

If you're interested in join us in our game, please read www.ayeka.net/forum/index.php/topic,2659.0.html for instructions on how to start.  There are also some helpful hints in each of the Character Roster boards.

In other news, I've gotten another job!  This one will actually take me away from my computer (slightly) LOL  I'm going to be a courier!  I like the idea of driving around town, or even venturing into other cities!  It sounds like a lot of fun, with no real life-critical problems to solve.  Finally, I get to relax and get paid for it!  In between runs though, I'll probably be parked at my local Panara Bread or Starbucks soaking up the bandwidth on my forum, or maybe I'll just sit back and watch some of my anime I've got on my laptop :)
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