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Happy Halloween 
31st-Oct-2008 01:49 pm
Well, it's official.  Today marks the one year anniversary that I've been out of work.  Kind of depressing, eh?  I don't think I'll ever view today as a happy day again.  Anyway, I'm still holding my breath from two potential job offers.  The first one, is now over three weeks old.  I've sent Sue, the lady that interviewed me a thank you letter, a follow up voice mail, and a second thank you letter explaining my interest in her company.  She seems to be out of the office a lot.  Perhaps it's a cover, maybe she hasn't made a decision yet, maybe it's true, she has been out of the office, and just hasn't had the time to bring me in for that second interview she practically promised me.  Either way, it's still frustrating just playing the waiting game.  The other job offer, I'm not so sure I'll hear back from her.  Dana seemed nice, but she's only working for the head hunter company, not with the actual company that needs the position filled.  She never did get me the company benefits.  I left her a voice message on Wednesday.  I'm staring to loose hope in this job offer.  I guess it's time to dive back into the careerbuilder site and pass out massive amounts of resumes again

My second chapter is coming along.  I'm right at the point where the girls will find something.  It's too bad that I haven't really had the time to work on my book. It relaxes me to write.

My wife introduced me to a new site called Spark People (www.sparkpeople.com)  This is truly an amazing site.  Mostly for people to loose weight, it also has a part dedicated towards having a healthy mind set... you know, thinking positiive and stuff.  What really amazes me is the groups that are on the site.  They have just about everything, anime, ameture radio, writing, etc, just to name a few that I'm a part of.  There is also a family component to the site so you can include your family members in whatever new lifestyle change you start.

I wanted to develop something like that on my personal website.  Social Networking is the newest craze.  I've got part of what I originally wanted, but I never sat down to fully write a full blown network site, complete with customizable profile and groups and stuff.  Oh well, maybe someday when I feel motivated, I'll complete my dream.  Although, I'm pretty sure that somebody has already created an anime social network.  Oh well, it's just a dream.

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