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Chapter 1 is published! 
20th-Oct-2008 11:29 am
As the title ourtright says, the first chapter of my newest story is available on FanFiction.net  (The same screen name is used in both places for the unininitiated.)  I've decided to stick with the first person instead of going with my temptations and switching it over to Third Person Omnimenct.   I did want to do a third draft of it and try to clean it up more.  My friend Jasen told me that after reading the first draft, I had intertwined the internal monolouge with narrative description.  He suggested that I seperate the two.  I tried, but I felt that by doing that it interfere with the dynamic of the story.  Besides, I really, *really* wanted to start writting chapter 2.  After giving the chapter much thought, I decided to stretch it out, add a few scenes to help define the relationship between Skuld and Yumi a bit more, and add a few surprises towards the end of the chapter.  I feel that it will be much more dramatic this way, and it give me the chance to really write some good science fiction, although, I will admit, some of what I'm writing has been done before -- but then again, hasn't most fiction already been done before in some way, shape, or form?  That said, I'm really hoping to have this chapter done by the end of next week.  I don't think I'll need a second draft like i did with the first one.  I seem to be doing a good job filtering out the "I effect" as I'm writting.

On Friday, I called Sue from Stevenson, unfortuntely, I had to leave her a message.  I'm thinking that screwed my self out of a second interview with the wording that fumbled my way through.  The beginning of the message was clear, cut, and sounded intellegent.  But then halfway through, I got myself cluttered in my head, and that's when things fell apart.  I'm really hoping she calls today or tomorrow to set up the second interview that she promised on that Wednesday a couple weeks ago.  Had the IT manager not been so busy, we would have just had it that day.  Oh well, this time is giving me the opportunity to really learn the FiileMaker program, which by the way is amazing in everything that it can do.  I found that the scripting function is much like Access, all the keywords and commands are already there for you, you just have to arrange them in the order you want.  Personally, I like more a of a freeform scripting language, I feel that it would give me more flexibility, but then again, I guess we're dealing with the quick, easy, cookie-cutter type of scripts, and most of the people working with them don't have a degree in computer science (or at least pursuing one anyway).

I still haven't head back from Dana (I inerviewed with her company in Louisville last week).  She told me she'd get me the company benefits since they had just changed them not too long before.  I figure I"ll write her a letter and mail it, thanking her for her time to interview me anyway.  Perhaps all she needs is a quick reminder that I'm still alive and starving. LOL

Ya know something?  Kids really are amazing.  The other day, my son fell off the bed and played dead.  I rolled over to make sure he was okay, and asked him if he was dead.  He said, "No daddy, I'm alive!"  Now you might not think anything of this, but keep in mind that he's almost four years old, and neighter I, nor his mom told him the opposite of dead.  He figured it out all by himself!  Amazing, simply amazing.  I guess that shows you that television is good for something, huh?
22nd-Oct-2008 11:51 pm (UTC)

Read it, reviewed it, read your response to my review. Rather than play the FF.net PM game, I figured I'd just make this recommendation here. Download a copy of "Fighting Wings," it's the two part special that features Lind in the central role. It's the only part of the anime I've seen where it really delves into her character.
17th-Aug-2009 01:29 am (UTC) - Fighting Wings

I finally found a copy of Fighting Wings, so I'll be taking your advice and watching it. :) Lind will have more of a role in the third chapter of my story -- I'm just about finished with chapter 2.

So how have you been?
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