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The Second Draft -- Complete 
6th-Oct-2008 08:19 pm
Today I finished my second revision.  All cheers.  While I fixed the issue with the self reflevctions (I said, I did...), there is still the looming issue of telling the story.  I've come to find that first person is naturally a telling mode, not a showing mode.  I re-read my chapter and discovered something significant.  Yes, there is a lot of narration.  Skuld is relaying everything she's seeing, feeling, thinking, etc to you, the reader.  That will hopefully be fixed on my 3rd (and hopefully, final) revision.  The other thing this narration contains is past tense description!  So now I can effectivly kill two birds with one stone.  Transform the narration into scenes (which by definition means an action that is occuing in real-time), making the story more shown and less told, and now, I've also elimiinated the past tense goofs in my writing style!

I've sent my revision to my friend, Jasen for his review.  In the mean time, I've posted a few places on how to address my latest problem.  Just how in the hell does one show action while using first person POV?  I mean, dialoge is definatly one way to show things...it's an action for crying out loud.  Using the correct, strong verbs instead of adverbs is another technique.  *Pulls out my thesourus*  Now the only issue that remains is how do I relay the action that's happening in the background through Skuld's eyes, ears, etc?  I'm hoping to get some answers soon so I can start on page one again and begin my conversion.

I so badly want to publish this chapter.  By far, this story has had the most effort put into it while I wrote it, and I'm not even done with the chapter yet!

Let's see, in other news.  Over the weekend I went up to my friend Chris' house and we played a board game...Twilight Imperilam I think was its name.  Defintly an interesting game, but I don't think I've got the rules down just yet.  Oh well, perhaps in another year or so, I'll play it again.  Well, I hope I'll see him long before that point again.

Yesterday I made a trip up to Columbus with my buddy Wil.  Interesting trip.  We talked about a bunch of stuff.  While we were there we also discovered that the Outlet Mall that's there is a rip off.  What can I say... I"m a Walmart man I guess.

I got a call today for an interview.  God, I don't remember what the position was for!  I hope Careerbuilder goes back that far in its history.

And one final note.  Today the stock market took another plunge.  Looks like the $700 Billion rescue plan isn't going to do anything.  At any rate, I'm glad my wife was able to get her 401k funds before the stocks ate up all the money.  I wonder how much longer our foodstamp card is going to be good for before the Government craps out.
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