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The Process of Writing 
1st-Oct-2008 11:43 pm
So, I finally have the first draft of Chapter one completed!  YAY!  It came in at just over 6,500 words, with room to grow on.  This was an interesting experience writing in the First Person POV.   I think that I left out a good portion of Skuld's emotions, and I know there is the "I" problem that I'll need to fix.  I'm looking to probably have a good 7,000 words by the time I complete the second draft.  At which time, I going to forward a copy of it to my friend Jasen who is also writing a book in the first person POV.

I had great fun running the spell check on it this morning.  I got half way through, and my computer decided to just shut down.  Cussing, I powered back on, and found that although I was plugged in, my laptop decided to use the battery instead.  I guess it's just getting old and grumpy.  I ran the spell check a second time.  This time, I managed to complete the spell checking, but before I had the chance to save, boom.  My lappy shut off again.  More cussing.  I booted back up and decided to search for a Vista battery monitor that I could put on my Sidebar.  I found one, and with 25% of my battery charged, I spell checked for a third time, this time successfully completing it.

I posted a topic on FanFiction.net in one of the general forums about chapters.  Late last night, I posted, and me being a dummy, tired, and exhausted, I didn't read any of the YOU MUST READ ME posts.  I logged on this morning, finding myself being flamed and locked.  I read the stupid READ ME posts and followed the instructions.  Reposting my original post, with a huge appology at the top, I asked about chapters, specifically, what defines a chapter?  How do you end one, and about how long should a chapter be?

So far, I've found that massive quantities of chocolate helps dissolve writers block, LOL.
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