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20th-Nov-2009 06:51 pm - Back to a job, and back to writing!
Well, I know it's been forever since I've posted on here. After my long break in the job market, I've finally landed a job -- courier -- and it PAYS me!! Anyway, since I've had some idle time while cruising America's freeways, I've had lots of time to start thinking of plots again for my favorite character(s). As a result, Chapter 9 of Call of the Valkyrie is currently being produced.

After re-reading the entire story arc from Stolen Innocence, and Call of the Valkyrie, I've decided that I'm going to rewrite the story, probably combine both stories into one book, and remove some of the ... tartness (lemon stuff) from the story. I must admit being slightly embarrassed about some of the things I wrote on paper! At any rate, the title will be different from the original, but readers should be able to recognize the story, yet feel a new story unfolding. I'll probably also include the third (unwritten) book in the story arc to complete the story.

I'm once again finding an easier time writing in third person again, and after reading Ah! My Goddess!: Haloes I've come to realize that I really need to expand my writing vocabulary so my stories and dialog doesn't seem so... boring and over used. So, right now, I'm on chapter 9. After re-reading chapter 8, I really changed things up, with the plot. Chapter nine will be the beginning of a climax in the story. I promise a fight or two, and probably by chapter 10 or 11, Skuld will have a doozy of a decision to make. I was really hoping to have that kind of a decision in Future's Blessings, but so far, I haven't been able to come up with anything. Planned writing just doesn't seem to work very well with me -- not to mention that writing by the seat of my pants is quite fun and interesting. :)

I'm still working on chapter 2 of Future's Blessings for anybody that's really interested in that story. I haven't gotten too much feed back from it, so I really don't know if anybody's even interested in it. But then again, there is only the one chapter that's been published.

Oh, which brings me to a thought before I forget: Apparently, some people found my Stolen Innocence story recently, and have favored it. It's quite a nice feeling to know that people enjoy your work enough to not only comment, but also favor a completed story -- well Stolen Innocence is complete anyway.

And now that I have some idle time sitting in various parking lots, maybe I'll finally sit back and actually watch Ah My Goddess: Fighting Wings. LOL
16th-Aug-2009 08:50 pm - A new RPG: Anime Central!
 Well, things I think are finally swinging upwards!

To start with, I've completely redid my anime site.  Hopefully, it's more colorful, but not too obnoxious.  I'm going for a fun, optimistic spirit.  I've also redefined the site's goal.  It's a lot more "school-ish", which makes sence, since A LOT of anime (that I've seen) seems to be centered around a school theme.

Going with that theme, I've started a new role playing game (RPG), where we live the lives of our favorite anime characters and go behind the scenes to experiance everything they go through in a typical day.  The setting is based in a speical school that teaches their students everything they would need to know to suceeed in anime.  Everything from Math and Science to Cooking to Mecha Design and Space Flight is taught.

The characters are built specifically out of character, so we can have fun with how they might live "off the camera".  Every little flaw in their character has been exagerated, and I think this will give us a good vehicle to explore our characters.  The game is built to explore character growth in the students, however, players don't necessarily have to play that way.  Instead, they can be involved as Faculty members.  Those that teach and inspire the students to be the best they can be.  Faculty members are designed to be more in character than students are, but we should still see some interesting times in the game as they 'inspire'.

The game isn't only about what goes on in the classroom, no, we're going to also go backstage duing mock episodes of the anime where the characters come from, and see what kind of shinaigons go on while acting.

If you're interested in join us in our game, please read www.ayeka.net/forum/index.php/topic,2659.0.html for instructions on how to start.  There are also some helpful hints in each of the Character Roster boards.

In other news, I've gotten another job!  This one will actually take me away from my computer (slightly) LOL  I'm going to be a courier!  I like the idea of driving around town, or even venturing into other cities!  It sounds like a lot of fun, with no real life-critical problems to solve.  Finally, I get to relax and get paid for it!  In between runs though, I'll probably be parked at my local Panara Bread or Starbucks soaking up the bandwidth on my forum, or maybe I'll just sit back and watch some of my anime I've got on my laptop :)
24th-Jun-2009 04:43 pm - Writing Works
Marcus Barici's Source Page - Associated Content

23rd-Apr-2009 09:16 pm - Do I really need more... adventure?
So, my father in law is in the hospital again.  This time, social services is talking about putting him in a nursing home -- something that my wife and I, along with her sister, have all been saying for months (if not years by now).  I'm a little concerned about how that kind of a change would affect my current living arrangement.  For the past year, just after I lost my full time job, and not too long before my wife lost her full time job, we decided to move down here to the middle of nowhere and help take care of Dad.  Needless to say, it's been a roller coaster with his mood swings and the revolving door policy that the hospital seems to have with him.  I've actually gotten accustomed to living down here in the country.  At the night, I can see the stars, and hear the quiet chirping of crickets -- or at least I *think* they are crickets.  I don't have to worry about tripping in my own yard, only to end up in my neighbor's yard, and I like the landscape too.  The drive into the city isn't too bad either -- but then again, I like long, expressway driving.  So tomorrow, the family is going to meet with the social worker, and we'll see what becomes of our current situation.  Here's my delima:  Dad pays for the house and most of the utilities.  In exchange we take care of him and make sure there's food in the cabinets.  Not a bad arrangement if I do say so myself -- at least while my company is still starting out.  With Dad possibly going into a nursing home, his finacial contribution to the household also goes away.  Now, I know for a fact that while my wife is still working at part time at Walmart, that's not nearly enough to pay for the bills.  So, needless to say, we might be tossed out on our ear.  I  have a strange feeling tonight is going to be yet another sleepless night.

In other news, I've relaunched my Anime Store dream again.  Today, I found an add-on to SMF, my forum software that allows for e-Commerse, to be directly integrated.  So, I applied the modifications and started adding inventory.  I'm hoping that soon, I'll be able to provide the one time $200 bulk order so that I can be accepted for vendor access at a well known distributor.  That means that I can lower the cost of all the goods and still make a decent wage.  Ultimatly, I'd love to hand out prizes and stuff on the forum for good posts.  But that's only the first part of my dream.  I want a physical store that I can build.  I want COS-players to work there and I want fans to relax and watch thier favorite anime on a giant screen television.  I also want a sushi bar or something right there in the store.  Well, it sounds cool.  Now if only I could get a loan to make it happen!

I'm almost finished with the second chapter of Future's Blessings.  Finally.  It's felt like an uphill battle getting the words on the page.  I don't really know why I'm having such a hard time writing.  Maybe it might have something to do with fear -- fear of not having the same high standards I had on Chapter 1.  Fear that for whatever reason, the second chapter won't be as good.  Whatever the reason, I'll be glad when it's finished -- well the rough draft anyway.  I'll still have to go back and clean up all the I did, I thought, I felt sentences, and expand a lot of the scenes that I touched on in the story.  In a way, I'm thinking that this story is going to replace my other major work, Stolen Innocence, and it's sequal, Call of the Valkyrie.  It's better written, lower maturity requirement, and still has a lot of simular stuff going on in the story -- well, the plot in Future's Blessings is much darker, and more drama filled too.  I've already got lots of cool ideas for chapter three -- I'm thinking it'll be more of a comic and light-hearted chapter -- I get to play with Skuld developing her powers -- uber coolness!
15th-Apr-2009 08:10 pm - Epic Battles
Well, today was rather productive!  I nearly doubled the amount of material in Chapter 2, doing the first major battle of the story.  Keeping in mind that this is still a rough draft, I expect this chapter to explode!  Not to mention, I've still got another third of the chapter to write.  I guess it's time to start thinking seriously about chapter three.  :)

I posted a link to my first chapter at the Ah My Goddess site The Goddess Project.  I'm hoping that some of the 'experts' there will review what I've got so far and give me some constructive critisim.  I've learned by reading on that forum, that most of them tend not to like self inserts, and if you stay in character, generally following the story arc, things should be alright.  Time will tell, hopefully tomorrow I'll have some feed back.

In other news, I think three new members joined my site today! :)  Well, one of them was a returning fan back from the Tenchi Universe days of the forum.  He posted a fiction, that I found quite interesting, a Tenchi / Tsunami fiction.  I must admit, it's hard to think of that relationship, considering that Tsunami still embodies Sasami (in the fiction, she's already 12) but I don't think I could ever see her a day over eight from the series.  Needless to say, I think the author did a good job, even though the story is shorter than I like (only one chapter), but still, I'm eager to see perhaps a continuation story to see how the relationship fleshes out.

I'm still plugging away at the Pets mod I recently installed on my site.  Mostly right now, I'm just tweaking the code, making some things more logical, and usable too.  Maybe next week when I have a good solid chunk of time, I'll update the food items for specific characters (easy enough to do) and I'll add some more battle functionality.  I'm really not looking forward to writing the cooking part of the code, since it's so complicated, but, I think in the end it will be worth it.

Oh, speaking of coding.  I ran into a post on the Goddess Project forums about members there wanting a AMG card game.  Considering that once upon a time, I wrote a simple Deck of Many Things deck, this shouldn't be too difficult.  Especially if other people more familiar with the kinds of rules that would need to be put in place, and maybe if others could do the art work for the cards, it would turn out really nifty.  The forum is using IP Boards, which I'm not familar with, so I may just write it as a sepearte webpage application (that way, if I able to, I can also support it on my site, which is powered by SMF.  I don't know, I'll wait to see if anybody responds to my post there.
14th-Apr-2009 08:51 pm - Pets and Angels.
Today was filled with some adventure!  I got to install a Pets modification for my site, and it looks like I'll be able to customize it to what I wanted for my Battle Mod I have envisioned! :)  I've decided that I'm going to custom make each pet as they are requested.  All pets are going to have some basic skills, like cooking, fighting, and stealing, but I plan to have each pet have a set of unique skills that only they have.  Earlier, I started defining Skuld's skillset (go figure LOL ) So far, she's going to have mathematics, build mecha, and spell casting.  I'll probably think up of more tomorrow, but coding each skill takes anywhere from ten minutes to about two hours, depending on how complicated the code is.  I also plan to make some of the functions I've made a bit more flexible as time goes on.  Oh, the joy of a new coding adventure.  I'm really hoping with this new pets mod, that site traffic will increase, and members will keep coming back.  -- Well, they'd have to, unless they wanna kill their pet!

In other news, I finished watching the second episode of Burst Angel, and I must say, that the series definatly has potential.  There seems to be a geek girl, Amy who saves the show with her goofy, yet crude sarcasm.  That, and like me, is somewhat of a hacker LOL.  Tomorrow, I'll probably watch another couple of episodes.

One final thought:  Today, I found somebody who may re-write one of my favorite Windows 9x games for a mobile phone.  Skuld's Bug Hunt!  When I first played the game, I always thought how neat it would be to have this game on my phone.  Now it looks like it may happen, and just for grins, I downloaded the game again, and got an amazing score of 219 points!
13th-Apr-2009 08:20 pm - Burst Angel
So, other than the tornado warning I had to put up with, nothing much really happened today.  I did manage to write a paragraph on my story, so at least I'm making *some* progress.  Oh, and I also managed to finally upload all of Ah My Goddess season 1, and all 16 episodes of season 2 that I have, along with a new anime, Burst Angel.  Judging from the first 15 minutes I've seen, it seems pretty interesting, considering it appears to be another five girls living with one guy -- but I'm not really a machine gun's blazing kinda a dude, ya know?  I don't know, we'll see when I have more time to actually watch a couple of episodes.  I've learned over the years, never to judge an anime only by the first episode.

Let's see:  Tonight, we have a cooking lesson.  Cinnamon, tastes really good with boiled carrots.  Inside mashed potatoes, however, not so good.  In fact, it's pretty yucky.  Well, I'd give it 'tolerable' however, most of the potatoes ended up feeding hungry stray dogs from around the world.

In other news, it looks like the site got another new member today!  YAY!  I'm hoping that whomever it is, likes to actually talk and participate, rather than just leech all the downloads.
12th-Apr-2009 11:31 pm - A goddess may be smiling upon me?
YAY!  I manged to melt the ice surrounding my writers block!  Well, not really a block per se, but.... have you ever known what you wanted to write, but you just couldn't get the words down on the paper?  Yeah.  I've been fighting that issue for about two weeks now.  I'm glad to be free of it!  In the meantime, I've had all kinds of ideas for Chapter 3, and maybe 4 already.  Just.... got....to....write.....!  I do know this.  The end of the second chapter is definatly going to be an action packed one :)

Easter wasn't too eventful this year.  We really didn't do anything, not even do an egg hunt, despite the beautiful weather outside.  I think Dad may have had something to do with that....that and perhaps both Ben, and myself are feeling a little ill anyway.

I managed to finally get around to finishing adding all my Ah My Goddess episodes to my forum, although, I still need to write descriptions for all of the episodes.  Finally, all of season 1, and the majority of season 2 (I'm still waiting to finish downloading episodes 17 - end).  I even managed to add Burst Angel.  I really have no idea what this anime is about, so maybe tomorrow sometime I'll sit down and watch a few episodes.

Oh yeah!  I guess I should fill in anybody that cares....That potential job I talked about in my last entry:  Looks very promising.  now all I've gotta do is determine a good rate for our services.  Anybody know what consultation groups charge for a week long job?
9th-Apr-2009 10:11 pm - Stressed Out
So, I think I've gotten quite a bit done.  I managed to write a new beginnings of a chapter for an experiment I'm doing.... Collision of Destiny, a multi-authored fan fiction featuring Tenchi Universe and Ah My Goddess.  Anyway, last night I wrote this beautiful chapter.  The words were just flowing on the page.  I was almost finsihed with my post, when I hit the backspace to make a correction, only the key got stuck, and I watched in horror as my post evaporated in front of my eyes.  Instead of just unplugging the keyboard, I clicked on the internet browser.  FYI:  the backspace key acts as the BACK button, so I watched the past 2000 or so web addresses fly through my screen, before I finally gave up and rebooted my computer.  Needless to say, re-writing that first post was painful to say the least.  Not quite as elegant as the original, but it gets the point across.  But that's not what's really stressing me out.

No, I've got the crazy father-in-law, who today decided to put on a 'mood hat' and play the grumpy old man routine.  Nothing can please him!  Every five seconds he's barking at something.  Usually most of us would just dismiss whatever he's bitching about, but today, I don't know, something is striking a nerve the wrong way.   To top things off, instead of passing out flyers, since it was such a nice sunny day, I was stuck here at home to put up with all that garbage.  Eh, the postive side is that I got to rewatch the Ah My Goddess movie with my headphones turned all the way up, so I found that quite enjoyable for about two hours.

Not much else is going on.  Tomorrow is a brand new day, filled with new adventures.  I get to meet up with an old co-worker, which should prove interesting.  He's going to use my company to fill in for him so he can actually take a vacation.  It must be action-packed being a one man I.T. team.

Eh, enough for now.  See ya on the flip side!
6th-Apr-2009 03:41 pm - Finally, live is worth living again!
Yeah, the title of this entry sounds a bit depressing, but it's not in reality.  I think it's about time I update my blog.  Be prepared for a rather long entry.

So, since the last time I posted, I was looking for a job.  That is no longer the case, since I have found my new job, in fact, I created my own job.  I am now a member of the newly formed computer repair company, IntelaTech, LLC.  So what does that mean?  Well, the company offers computer repair support, like many other companies do, but we do it differently.  First, we're a whole lot cheaper than the others, and second, we offer 24 hour support.  Since the beginning of the month we've officailly began marketing and already, we have several potential customers.  I'm eager to see this start to take off, and at the same time, I'm almost already missing the free time I've become use to.  Time will tell.

With the launch of a new business, time is just sucked out of your life.  It's a lot of fun, but at the same time, it's exhausting, just making sure all the legalities are covered.  Now with the majority of the preparation work done, it's now playing a game of "hurry up and wait".  Right now, we seem to be in a waiting period.  With so much idle time now, I decided to review my list of fan fictions that I've written over the years.  I started with the last one I wrote, knowing I want to add another chapter to it.  It really sucks when you have the thing almost written and your hard drive crashes, resulting in the loss of all that hard work.  So, I kinda put it off for a while.  But now, I'm ready to resume writing again.  My first impression of my latest work, was "Oh my god, I wrote this?  Wow, it's pretty good!"  Not to sound too into myself, but really, I remember all the hard work that went into writing that chapter, the result is, as I'll say, well done.  Then I went back and re-read the first things i wrote, and I must say, "oh my god, this is horrible!"  I'm really thinking hard about redoing Stolen Innocence, and possibly combining Call of the Valkyrie into it.  Although, right now, I'm not really sure I want to do that.right now, I guess time will tell after I redo a draft.

Anyway, after rereading Future's Blessing, I've dreamed up of what I want to happen in the second chapter, finally, and already, parts of the third chapter are being jotted down as well.  At the rate I hope to write, I'm going to shoot for the second chapter to be published on Fanfiction.net after about two weeks.  I'd like to have a couple of close friends review my work, to make sure I'm holding myself up to the same standards as Chapter 1.


Last night, I thought I killed my son's cat, Chiisai (little).  There was a black cat that darted out in front of my car on the way home last night.  I tried to stop, and I would have thought that the stupid thing would have darted back off the road, instead of continuing to pursue in front of my oncoming car.  We heard a little bump, but didn't see anything on the road or the car (thank god).  Turns out this morning, we found the cat at our door, and luckily not a scratch.  Needless to say, I felt pretty horrible about the whole thing, and if the worst did happen, how would I explian that to my four year old son?  Anyway, that didn't happen, and since I don't really have anything else on my mind right now....

Until next time.
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