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Pets and Angels. 
14th-Apr-2009 08:51 pm
Today was filled with some adventure!  I got to install a Pets modification for my site, and it looks like I'll be able to customize it to what I wanted for my Battle Mod I have envisioned! :)  I've decided that I'm going to custom make each pet as they are requested.  All pets are going to have some basic skills, like cooking, fighting, and stealing, but I plan to have each pet have a set of unique skills that only they have.  Earlier, I started defining Skuld's skillset (go figure LOL ) So far, she's going to have mathematics, build mecha, and spell casting.  I'll probably think up of more tomorrow, but coding each skill takes anywhere from ten minutes to about two hours, depending on how complicated the code is.  I also plan to make some of the functions I've made a bit more flexible as time goes on.  Oh, the joy of a new coding adventure.  I'm really hoping with this new pets mod, that site traffic will increase, and members will keep coming back.  -- Well, they'd have to, unless they wanna kill their pet!

In other news, I finished watching the second episode of Burst Angel, and I must say, that the series definatly has potential.  There seems to be a geek girl, Amy who saves the show with her goofy, yet crude sarcasm.  That, and like me, is somewhat of a hacker LOL.  Tomorrow, I'll probably watch another couple of episodes.

One final thought:  Today, I found somebody who may re-write one of my favorite Windows 9x games for a mobile phone.  Skuld's Bug Hunt!  When I first played the game, I always thought how neat it would be to have this game on my phone.  Now it looks like it may happen, and just for grins, I downloaded the game again, and got an amazing score of 219 points!
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