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Burst Angel 
13th-Apr-2009 08:20 pm
So, other than the tornado warning I had to put up with, nothing much really happened today.  I did manage to write a paragraph on my story, so at least I'm making *some* progress.  Oh, and I also managed to finally upload all of Ah My Goddess season 1, and all 16 episodes of season 2 that I have, along with a new anime, Burst Angel.  Judging from the first 15 minutes I've seen, it seems pretty interesting, considering it appears to be another five girls living with one guy -- but I'm not really a machine gun's blazing kinda a dude, ya know?  I don't know, we'll see when I have more time to actually watch a couple of episodes.  I've learned over the years, never to judge an anime only by the first episode.

Let's see:  Tonight, we have a cooking lesson.  Cinnamon, tastes really good with boiled carrots.  Inside mashed potatoes, however, not so good.  In fact, it's pretty yucky.  Well, I'd give it 'tolerable' however, most of the potatoes ended up feeding hungry stray dogs from around the world.

In other news, it looks like the site got another new member today!  YAY!  I'm hoping that whomever it is, likes to actually talk and participate, rather than just leech all the downloads.
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