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A goddess may be smiling upon me? 
12th-Apr-2009 11:31 pm
YAY!  I manged to melt the ice surrounding my writers block!  Well, not really a block per se, but.... have you ever known what you wanted to write, but you just couldn't get the words down on the paper?  Yeah.  I've been fighting that issue for about two weeks now.  I'm glad to be free of it!  In the meantime, I've had all kinds of ideas for Chapter 3, and maybe 4 already.  Just.... got....to....write.....!  I do know this.  The end of the second chapter is definatly going to be an action packed one :)

Easter wasn't too eventful this year.  We really didn't do anything, not even do an egg hunt, despite the beautiful weather outside.  I think Dad may have had something to do with that....that and perhaps both Ben, and myself are feeling a little ill anyway.

I managed to finally get around to finishing adding all my Ah My Goddess episodes to my forum, although, I still need to write descriptions for all of the episodes.  Finally, all of season 1, and the majority of season 2 (I'm still waiting to finish downloading episodes 17 - end).  I even managed to add Burst Angel.  I really have no idea what this anime is about, so maybe tomorrow sometime I'll sit down and watch a few episodes.

Oh yeah!  I guess I should fill in anybody that cares....That potential job I talked about in my last entry:  Looks very promising.  now all I've gotta do is determine a good rate for our services.  Anybody know what consultation groups charge for a week long job?
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