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Stressed Out 
9th-Apr-2009 10:11 pm
So, I think I've gotten quite a bit done.  I managed to write a new beginnings of a chapter for an experiment I'm doing.... Collision of Destiny, a multi-authored fan fiction featuring Tenchi Universe and Ah My Goddess.  Anyway, last night I wrote this beautiful chapter.  The words were just flowing on the page.  I was almost finsihed with my post, when I hit the backspace to make a correction, only the key got stuck, and I watched in horror as my post evaporated in front of my eyes.  Instead of just unplugging the keyboard, I clicked on the internet browser.  FYI:  the backspace key acts as the BACK button, so I watched the past 2000 or so web addresses fly through my screen, before I finally gave up and rebooted my computer.  Needless to say, re-writing that first post was painful to say the least.  Not quite as elegant as the original, but it gets the point across.  But that's not what's really stressing me out.

No, I've got the crazy father-in-law, who today decided to put on a 'mood hat' and play the grumpy old man routine.  Nothing can please him!  Every five seconds he's barking at something.  Usually most of us would just dismiss whatever he's bitching about, but today, I don't know, something is striking a nerve the wrong way.   To top things off, instead of passing out flyers, since it was such a nice sunny day, I was stuck here at home to put up with all that garbage.  Eh, the postive side is that I got to rewatch the Ah My Goddess movie with my headphones turned all the way up, so I found that quite enjoyable for about two hours.

Not much else is going on.  Tomorrow is a brand new day, filled with new adventures.  I get to meet up with an old co-worker, which should prove interesting.  He's going to use my company to fill in for him so he can actually take a vacation.  It must be action-packed being a one man I.T. team.

Eh, enough for now.  See ya on the flip side!
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